Beverage Savings Calculator  v.

This quick and easy calculator will let you see how much money you are spending over time by ordering drinks at restaurants with meals,

EntreeAccess  v.1.0

With EntréeAccess, SPS delivers a comprehensive Food & Beverage Point-of-Sale system developed to facilitate 'how work gets done' in your restaurant.


Flavor-Base 2010  v.2010.0

It is the world's most extensive database on flavoring materials and food additives. Flavor-Base 2010 provides extensive flavor & regulatory data relevant to the Flavor, Food, Beverage & Tobacco industries.

Resort Hotel  v.1 5

Resort Hotel was designed for hotel Executive Chefs and Food & Beverage managers.

ABC Roster  v.1 6

ABC Roster is a free software application especially designed to assist in the complex task of organizing employee shift schedules (also known as rosters) for small to medium organizations (mainly food and beverage departments, but it can also be use

Beer Me  v.

Can't decide which beer to order at a bar or buy from the store? A quick search on Beer Me surfaces beer ratings and additional information like alcohol percentage and style that will guide you to the perfect frosty beverage. NEW IN VERSION 2.0: *

MyConverter  v.

myConverter is designed to be a fast, time saving way to look up those pesky conversions while cooking your next feast, baking that delicious apple pie, or mixing your favorite beverage.

Coffee Coffee Coffee!  v.

Are you trying to find the perfect local coffee shop, or travelling and want to find the nearest Starbucks for a familiar beverage?

The Dubai Mall  v.

Developed by Tareq Ateik The Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping and entertainment destination. The Dubai Mall, with its 1,200 retail outlets, two anchor department stores, and over 160 food and beverage outlets is one of the Dubai Shopping

Drickit  v.

Make your life easier with Systembolaget's product range directly in your Windows Phone. Drickit help you to provide easy access to find just the beverage you're looking for and save your favorites and other products to list with a simple touch.

McFat  v.

McFat calculates the amount of calories and fat that's in your Mc Donald's meal. Just tick all the items you're having and hit next to continue to the next page. The pages are as following: Burgers - nuggets - fries - sauce - beverage - dessert If

Caffeine Calculator  v.

Ever been curious about how long it takes for that morning latte to go through your system? Wonder how long it'll be before you can have that next cup? Get Caffeine Calculator. Whenever you consume a caffeinated beverage, pop open the app and enter

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